Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday, Dec 16....

2nd week in the power plant is over. I've got 2 more weeks in Jurong Island and after that i will be working in Hq in Harbour Front. Cant wait to go to Hq. The power plant is a tough place. Its a place that requires alot of physical strength and brains. If i stay here for too long, i might become physically very fit and i might want to do a Phd next time... :-). I have been here for only 2 weeks and i think i really need to do a masters if i would want to go into this field. Most of the senior engineers here have a masters. Thier advice is come out to work for 2 years and then do a masters...hmm....should i follow thier advice?
Well this week has been a real boring week at work. This week i am attached to the orimulsion power plant. Its boring because i have no interest in the power plant. It involves too much mechanical engineering. So many things i dont understand....pressure here, pressure there, temperature here, temperature there...etc etc. I prefer current and voltages. At least these are more familiar units to me. Alot of my colleagues are taking thier annual leave now too. So there is very little ppl in the office and very little projects on. So here i am sitting in front of my laptop and blogging.
After working for 2 weeks, i think working life is pretty boring. Everyday we do the same thing, look at the same schematics and analyze the same things. After a few years of working, any engineer can be an expert in that particular system. You dont need a Phd to be an expert. In fact, a professor might not even understand the system as well the practising engineer. But i can understand why some ppl choose to do a Phd now. My lab tutor who is doing his phd decided to do a Phd because she couldnt take working life. I guess its because its too boring. If they paid phd students more than what they pay engineers in the industry, i definitely would want to go into postgrad research. Unfortunately i prefer to be paid more money and be bored than paid less money and discover new things.
Ok....gtg get soemthing done...later have to go ocf chritmas party. As fun as that might sound, i might fall asleep there becoz i might be too tired. Working sucks, but i better get used to it because thats what i am going to do for at least 35 years of my life...\m/


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