Friday, May 26, 2006


This is another bladdy racist entry. Just realised that there is a bunch of Malays staying in the same block as me. I could recognise a few of them from the second year class...bladdy MARA scholars. Last night, i saw them carrying a drum set up to thier house. Government pay them so freaking much money to come over here just for them to bladdy buy a drumset!!! And IPOD. Wahlau....come here not to study but to buy all these stuff.....wut the heck man. Dont know how to value money. Only know how to take gov money and spend. To make things worse, they are not studying hard. Bladdy spoilt malay idiots.The thought that these are they ppl that will be big corporate leaders in Msia in the future is so scary. Another few government companies, just waiting to be destroyed by these malays. SIA making tons of money, MAS making losses despite an increase in revenue.....idiots....\m/

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Malay ???

As i was searching through wikipedia for an article on Mahathir, i found this article on the Malays. In the Malaysian constitution, there is a definition of what is a "Malay". A Malay is a malay if and only if the person is a Muslim. If the Malay(race) converts out of Islam, the person is no longer considered legally a "Malay" and loses all his special rights. If a non-Malay(race) embraces Islam, that person can be considered a Malay if that person is a fulfills the other aspects of "Malayness" ie speaks Malay fluently and lives like a malay and that person is entitled to that special rights. No wonder alot of Malaysian businessmen convert to Islam....idiots. Sell thier soul to Malays just for that.... \m/

Monday, April 03, 2006

Phd!!!! (pt 2)

Thank God my cousin got a scholarship from the UK government to do her Phd research in Imperial college, London. 1 step closer to getting a Dr. in the family....suddenly i feel proud to be in this family(eventhough this is my mothers side and the surname is different)...

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Forgotten child hero remembered:
Was reading this article this morning. This malay guy is the first receipient of the Hang Tuah medal for bravery 40 years ago. Today, he complains ppl has forgotten him and noone gives him the proper respect as the countries first child hero!!!! This guy expects ppl to remember him all his life because of something he did 40 years ago!!! Idiot...If the person he once saved had forgotten about him, i would say that person is an ungrateful idiot, but this guy expects the whole world to recognise him. The gov wants to support him financially too...\m/

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

SPM is out!!!!

Finally SPM results is out. Everyone is excited... students, parents, friends, grandparents, etc etc. So here are some of my thoughts on the articles posted on on the SPM exams.

1) Near 50% rise in all 1As students
Every year there will be a rise in straight A's students. When i was in school the max As that ppl got was 10. When my father was is school, it was 7 and only geniuses got straight As. Today, you got ppl with 15As. The country is proud. Our students are getting smarter and more they claim. Every year the marking standard is lowered...Of course u get more staright A's. Idiots just wanna make themselves Happy...\m/

2) Malay tops at Chinese school
You got 1 malay fella that tops at Chinese school and he gets into the newspaper as if its such a bladdy great achievement. What about the thousands of Chinese that tops at Malay schools around the country. Why dont they get into the papers? I guess its because the words Malay and Chinese is in the wrong position...if u get what i mean.

3)Upset girl falls from building
Foolish girl.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Since i have nothing to do now....

five of my favourite memories as a child:
1) First day in primary school....
2) Falling asleep in school nearly everyday
3) Practicing guitar until 3-4 am every weekend
4) Being able to play a song on the guitar for the first time...should be around 12 yo
5) Coming top in class in year 6....the decline in performance after that coincided with the discovery of the guitar.

five of my worst memories as a child:
1) Get scolded and embarassed in front of everyone at every prefect meeting because i sweat alot..Apparently sweating alot implies playing alot.....\m/
2) Fainting quite often in school because of epilepsy...its not really a bad memory because i dont remember much of it....all i remember is waking up at home which is really good.
3) Getting 3 A's and 1 B for my UPSR. I was really devastated that time. because i wanted to go to some prestigious school. But looking at the ppl that went to those schools now, thank God i didnt go to those schools.
4) Breaking a few guitar strings in a youth rally while playing...
5) Being forced to go dancing for a Christmas event in i hate dancing

five things i hope to achieve in the future (God-willing):
1) Get a good job
2) Buy a few basses...4-5-6 strings.
3) Buy a SWR bass amp
4) Build a studio for my recordings
5) Form a band

five alternate worlds i can imagine myself living in:
1) This world is good....
2) "
3) "
4) "
5) "

five things i have to do in the next month:
1) pack my bag to go to sydney
2) go to sydney
3) Find Hse
4) move Hse
5) Lose weight

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Got me new spectacles

I got my new spects today. I was shocked how thick it was. I must be going blind man.....hmm