Friday, November 26, 2004

US progresive metal and J-Rock

So which one is better....US metal or J-Rock....since watching gundam, i think j-rock quite good...J-rock tend to be more melodic than US metal, and the synhesizer playing in the background of j-rock helps alot. But technique-wise US progressive metal is definitely better and personally would always be on my number 1 list...take dream theater as an example...TOP class musicians....but only appreciated by musicians. In Asia where we are exposed to both US music and Asian music i think i to a certain degree can comment on this...also supported by Tony Lai...:-). J-rock,taiwan pop,korean rock,pop and wutever, tends to be more popular because of its lyrics which "touch the heart and soul" of the listener, and in its simplicity. But as tony said...musically they are crap ...which i agree. U guys reading this might not agree with worries and dont be angry at me ...i guess me and tony and my mat rock brothers are thinking as musicians. For example ...if i put a jaco cd for all of u to listen...i believe many of u guys will say its crap and will just leave the room...honestly thats how i felt when i first listened to Jaco...but as i listened more and more of it...u will start to appreciate the skill and tehniques used by wonder he is listed as the top jazz bassist. And y do i prefer US progressive metal....its because of thier technique and intense shredding....its just mind blowing...And i a word of warning...DO NOT LISTEN METAL...if your faith is weak....very bad lyrics...i personally wont not allow my kids to listen to metal...haha...


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