Thursday, February 03, 2005

So Touching....

Read an article on The Star(Msia) online this morning. It is about a 11-year old autistic kid with outstanding drawing skills. Take a look at his drawings at The article reported that one of his drawings was bought by some anonymous guy for RM100 000. I went to the website and saw the drawing. To me it didnt look like Rm 100 000 painting, in fact i wont even pay 10 bucks for it. But then, what would an engineer know about art. I nvr passed my art before in my whole life, so i am in no position to comment. The thing that really touched me was his mother's(she is a single mom after her husband passed away) love for him...the sacrifices she made for she encourages him...etc etc. Must be hard being a mother to a autistic kid. So much more is Gods love for us...hmmm


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