Thursday, April 07, 2005


For the first 18 years of my life...Puchong is the place that i call home. For the first 13 years, noone really knew where Puchong is, because noone really had any reason to know where it is because Puchong was a plantation area. In recent years, Puchong had been developed into a high-class industrial and residential area. People started to come into Puchong and now Puchong is know as a rich mans area. After i left Malaysia, Puchong became very very famous. In this 2 years abroad Puchong appeared so many times in the newspaper. Unfortunately for the wrong reasons. Today some engineer commited suicide in Puchong and he came out in newspaper. A few weeks ago the police raided some hse in Puchong and found that there was an illegal drug producing factory in the hse......hmmmmm.....Puchong my home!!!!!


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