Monday, December 26, 2005

KL !!!! two days in KL is coming to an end. Tomorrow morning i will be heading off back to Singapore. Frankly speaking i am quite looking forward to it. Its not that i do not like KL, but its just good to be not in KL.
These two days have been good. I went to my church Christmas service. Managed to meet alot of my old church friends and relatives too. Its good to see them again. But the conversation topics have now changed. No more guitars or basses but on career, life, family, etc etc. I guess we are all growing up. Speaking of growing up, its good to see the young kids in church are now older kids....haha.
The best part of coming back is, i managed to watch Thundercats on TV....haha. So cool man. I remember when i was a kid, i always wanted to watch Thundercats but my father will always scold me because thundercats has demonic images. But today, i watched it in front of him and he nvr say anything...hahah. It feels good.. :-)
There is so much more wonderful stuff to say, but its getting late and tomorrow i am leaving in the morning. In conclusion, KL trip was good.....\m/.


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