Saturday, November 27, 2004

Another day started of well...did my QT today which i guess is good....havent really done it since exams started.
Todays QT was really .........(fill in blanks...i dont know a suitable adjective to describe it). It started of by saying that it is right for us as children of God to claim the promises of God but that is from a human side; the divine side is that through the promises we recognise God's claim on us. Many times we do not realise this. I guess as ungrateful selfish beings ,when we are going through tough times we always run back to Gods and claim every promise in the Bible that comforts us....but when times are good we dont really think about God at all...well thats from my own personal experience last year when i got was back in M'sia. When times are good, we all will tend to live life as we please not acknowledging Gods authority over us. God must be really hurt because of this..after all HE gave his Son to die for us and we live as though he doesnt exist..And this leads to the next part of the qt...are we living to please God or are we just living life to please ppl...i guess all of us know the answer to that...of course we are to live a life pleasing to God and not man....after all we belong to God...I guess in this world we will never be able to please everyone. No matter how good you are there will always be someone out there who dislikes you...whether u realise it or not. So i guess the only logical thing to do is to lead a life pleasing the only person who accepts you for who u really are because HE created u that way. Come to think abt it...this kind of thought has its flaws too...what is someone who is a real ass hole thinks that way...he would keep on telling himself he is leading a life to please God and not man so he doesnt want to change for the better. Well i guess there is no absolute solution to this. The more thinking you do , more and more issues will come up. So i guess its not up to us but only the HOLY SPIRIT that can really transform a person...all we are is an instrument for God to use to glorify HIM. The QT book gives Paul as an example...Paul lived a life which was focused on pleasing GOD and not man...the analogy given was like a musician which played only to please the master and not the audience...well sometimes i even question the reason i am playing in bassist who thinks he is very good ,it is tough to go up and play without wanting some attention...and playing in wesley, there is alot of room to show there is a contiuos struggle there. Ok...back to the am i living a life to please God or please man...i guess everyone who takes their faith seriously would want to live a life pleasing to God...just open your songbook and count how many songs in there that expresses the desire to live for GOD...but as someone told me before.. do not expect too much from anyone... and i believe that appplies to ourselves too...we as humans will fail sometime or another..and i guess we are always failing God. So what can we do...well the QT book says to put GOd first...i guess all of us can make this conclusion ..which is very true and we should always strive to do that....but i guess we should always realise that we are humans and will fail no matter how hard we i we should all thank GOD for sending his Son to die for us. This bring me to another thought somehow prompted by the conversation i had with desiree yesterday...where do we put our we put our worth in our talents, good looks, material possesions, peoples opinions, and etc.Well i guess many people put their worth on all these stuff...cant blame them ...its human nature....and the media aint helping much...So i wonder why do we put value all these stuff so much...personally i would tend to be proud of my musical talent...but i relise God was the one who gave me this talent and i should use it for HIs glory and not mine...besides if we are too proud it would be hard to improve...we should realise that out there, there are ppl more talented than us and we cant do anything abt if we are too proud we will tend to have negative thoughts abt the person....which sometimes is justifiable as some ppl are just too proud ....but the best thing to do is try to learn as much as possible from the person...either by looking and "stealing" some skills or ask them to teach (if they are humble enough to teach)...So i guess the best place to put our worth in is in CHRIST...the only thing worth boasting about in what CHRIST did on the cross for us...not in personal achivements, material gain, good looks, talents....AMEN
and thanks felicia for somehow getting me back to do QT//


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