Monday, January 30, 2006

Dream Theater Concert!!!!

OK....i am back in KL. Although KL doesnt make me excited at all, it does feel really good to just come back for CNY. Visiting my relatives and eating my grandmothers vegetarian dish. After this year who knows when i will be able to eat it again. that i got those sentimental stuff out of my system, let me go to the real thing.

Dream Theater Concert is...\m/\m/\m/\m/\m/...damn good. Its like a dream come through. A congregation of Dream Theater fans, from the very young( younger than 10) to the very old(older than 40) assembled at 7.30 to get into the concert hall. Its real exciting to see all these ppl, most of them in black heavy metal t-shirts (we also saw the pretty girl from Davis guitar shop...:-P). We got into the concert hall at 8pm. It was really exciting to be finally able to meet them in person. Unfortunately because of technical difficulties, the concert was delayed by about an hour(we started at 9). At 9, the lights went off. All we could see was the stage lights. The concert was starting. Everyone rushed towards the stage. Obviously not all of us could get to the stage because of the bariers. All we could do was to try to get as close as possible to the stage. Well, for me and Clarence, we managed to go to the seats that cost SGD120+. We only payed SGD 62. Because of all the chaos, we managed to get to the more expensive seats....:-)

The concert was real inspiring. The techniques, the music....and ... ohhh.....the adrenaline rush. They played most of thier famous songs from their first album to the latest album. Every song, a technical masterpieces. Famous Metallica and Liquid Tension experiment riffs were incorporated into thier solos. Problems did exist during the concert. James Labrie was heard cursing the F-word because of some technical problems, yet the band remained cool and continued to play. John Myungs bassing is amazing....simply amazing. I take pride in using the same pick-up brand and bass guitar brand as him( yes...i am a real loser...:-P).

The concert finally came to an end at 12. My last day in Singapore....


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