Sunday, December 26, 2004

What an exciting past few days....

The past few days has been really really cool...The coolest was when shereen decided to move back to singapore for good...not that i really want her to move back but because she gave me everything she has that cant be brought back to singapore. She gave me a table, plates, pans, 2 study lamps, brand new heater, standing fan, a cd/vcd/mp3 player, a webcam, engineering text books(so i dont have to buy any next year) , alot of food, etc etc. Moving those stuff from Alpha hse back to Queen Street was very very tough but its all worthit...Thank God for this...and also Thank God for shereen for being such a great friend for these 2 years.
And Blue mountains with the NSW ppl was really really good...really tiring but really good...i enjoyed every minute. We went bush walking for like 7 muscles were aching every step of the way. We climbed up the hill...down the hill....under the cliffs...cross the waterfal......We went to see the three sisters....its just 3 rocks...dont really know what so nice about it but maybe its jsut me. There were alot of mist at that time, but it cleared soon after. Barbra was so funny...lame actually...but who cares ..we had fun. After the blue mountains trip...we went to some Korean very X.
Well...Christmas is here and Brian Shu is off....I will be all alone after this. I guess this day will come and life goes on. It has been a wondeful 2 weeks spending time with him and going out with him and talking with him on various issues...and i definitely learned alot from him. So Brian...all the best in New York and Thanks for everything.
And...Merry Christmas Everyone...let us use this day to remember the real meaning of Christmas and really appreciate what God has done on this day by sending HIS SON down to earth.
Well...May God Bless u in the new year...and i pray that next year we will all continue to grow stronger and stronger in our walk with God....Amen


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